United in diversity

Our Dream

A culturally diverse and healthy planet with respect for each other.

With its projects, the Jimmy Nelson Foundation (JNF) is completing the circle Jimmy has started with his art. Besides raising awareness about Indigenous cultures, Jimmy has accumulated endless photo-, video- and research material which through the foundation are translated into a free education program called Cult-ED. With Cult-ED, children can travel digitally to faraway places, from Siberia and Mongolia to Peru and French Polynesia, to learn about unique cultures and traditions. Cult-ED inspires a younger generation to be more aware of the importance of human diversity and Indigenous knowledge on how to live in harmony with the nature around us. Additionally, the JNF supports the communities in preserving their cultural heritage for the future with its reciprocity projects, which are tailor-made programs initiated and run by the communities themselves to fit their needs.





Epistemicide. Wait what? Epistemicide refers to the destruction of existing knowledge. It is used within the context of colonisation which has brought violence against humans but also involved violence against indigenous knowledge of the natural world. Simply, we are killing culture, every single day. Every day we are losing important knowledge on how to live in respect and harmony with nature and each other. The planet is in trouble, and so are we. 





These are times of social and climate crises, in which we live the consequences of an economic and social model that has infected our connection to life itself. Overpopulation, digitalization, urbanisation, and capitalization have affected our lives in such a way that we, as humanity, are becoming more and more disconnected from what it means to be human. We are at a crossroads where we can decide to either pursue our way of life with all its consequent losses or we can reflect, learn and return to the source of what it means to be human.




  • Today we are acknowledging the start of the International Decade of Indigenous Languages (2022-2032) and celebrating the launch of Google Arts & Culture’s: Woolaroo. Woolaroo provides a new way to explore indigenous languages. Using machine learning, it recognises objects from your camera ...

  • On June 21st the Construction started on the ceremonial terrace, the first part of the cultural centre in Q’eros. We of the Jimmy Nelson studio and foundation, Willka Yachay and most importantly everyone in Qochamoqo are really excited. We are working on some photo- and video materials to shar...

  • Jimmy photographs the rangers in Volcanoes NP, Rwanda Jimmy received the beautiful opportunity to visit Rwanda on behalf of the Jimmy Nelson Foundation and photograph the brave rangers of the Volcanoes National Park. He created artistic images of these guardians who are willing to risk their lives. ...

  • It seems implausible that people could survive the extreme blizzards, sunless days and excruciatingly low temperatures that the winter brings to this vast, icy region of Russia. Despite these extreme climatic conditions, several semi-nomadic groups including the Nenets brave the elements, along with...


We are all human and together we can inspire humanity to respect one another. The Jimmy Nelson Foundation facilitates projects to raise awareness and share knowledge of Indigenous cultures through education and art. The reciprocity projects will focus on working together with the communities to support their cultural heritage. But we can only change the world together!


Do you or your company want to contribute financially, so we can achieve our goals? Please send an email to info@jimmynelsonfoundation.com.

Each book sold empowers people to revalue their cultural heritage. From education programmes to research and reciprocity projects. Good karma? You bet. Artist Jimmy Nelson, the initiator of this foundation, creates renowned art books. In his images, people stand there proud, as if on a pedestal, worthy of all respect. The first step towards recognition for indigenous cultures and their wisdom around the globe. His books are making an impact with a capital I. Each book sold is not only raising awareness but also financially fueling our various projects. Visit his website for more information or to order a book.

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