A new call for applicants coming up!

A new call for applicants coming up!

There is a new call for applicants coming up!

Volunteering for a project:

Have you ever felt the urge to do what Jimmy Nelson is doing? Are you passionate about indigenous cultures and photography? In 2018 we might be looking for you. In the upcoming months the Jimmy Nelson Foundation is determined to create projects that document indigenous heritage, celebration, pride and values, but now through the eyes of young adults from the culture itself.

For this, we are looking for young talented individuals around the world, who master film, photography and/or 360°cameras to assist and volunteer on our journeys. From central Africa, to the islands in the Pacific – the new project called ‘Circle of Cultural Connection’ consists of small projects around the globe in the shape of several (not yet determined) cultural festivals.

We will create an online platform on which all this cultural wealth is shown to the world. The mission of all volunteers: to document the pride that lies in our global cultural heritage and to work together on a basis of mutual respect and connection with people form other cultures.



Exciting! So what now?

Stay tuned, because the applications will open up soon. If you want to prepare your application already, you can find the main requirements here. Also, make sure you become a Friend of the Foundation first, before applying!

l’ll applying volunteers will join the online database, from which small groups will be selected to join a project festival in the upcoming year.

Are you interested to know more or do you have a specific question? Feel free to send your resume and contact us at info@jimmynelsonfoundation.com (subject: project application).