An Eventful Month

An Eventful Month

September was an exciting month filled with activities in the JNF’s hometown, Amsterdam. We had the chance to be present in two important book launch events of “Homage to Humanity” by Jimmy Nelson, be partners with Nikon for its “Jimmy Nelson NPS Masterclass” event, and host our very own first two events.

On the 24thof September Nikon hosted an event called “Jimmy Nelson NPS Masterclass” at Loods 6 and we were proudly their partners. As part of the event, Jimmy Nelson shared his work with a powerful presentation, taught a few techniques, and inspired all the photographers and videographers who were present. After the presentation, there was a long round for Questions & Answers, where the audience had the chance to have a better understanding of Jimmy’s work and how he manages to create his photographs. At the end of the presentation the public had access to the Rademakers Gallery to see Jimmy’s exhibition and get a VR experience of Jimmy’s travels.

On the same day we hosted our first two JNF events. Through our events, “Jimmy’s Journey” and “Join Jimmy”, we gave guests the opportunity to indulge in Jimmy’s travel stories and step into his world. On this evening, guests also had access to the Rademakers Gallery, got a VR experience with 360 videos from “Homage to Humanity”, and had the chance to get their questions answered by Jimmy himself. We had as special guests indigenous representatives from different cultural groups and they certainly enriched the discussion.

The JNF was also present at two of the book launch events for Homage to Humanity, including the big celebration at Rademakers Gallery. During these events we shared the photos and videos from the project “The Csikós: The Last Wranglers of the Great Hungarian Plain”, and spoke to some of the guests about our work, projects, and ambitions.

It was an exciting month, that taught us a lot, left us with new opportunities and contacts, and offered us exposure to share our work. But most importantly, thanks to these events we got to meet many people who share the Foundation’s vision and inspired us to continue stronger than ever. Thank you for your support!