Introducing new ambassador Henk Bakboord!

Introducing new ambassador Henk Bakboord!

Henk Bakboord is a Dutch dance pioneer and facilitator of youth empowerment workshops in Amsterdam. For Henk, dance brings people closer together. This is why dance can be such an important influence on people and on the way they perceive each other. “If anything” Henk says, “dance and movement are intercultural: everywhere in the world people dance”.


Henk’s professional dance career started in 1983, when he introduced breakdance and electric boogie to the Amsterdam club scene. From 2002 to 2015 Henk had his own dance school, where he worked with the youth from Amsterdam westerpark, in creating a more positive attitude and boost of self-confidence though the training methods of breakdance and electric boogie.

During Henk’s career, he found that dance is a great tool to bring people together. “This is why the Jimmy Nelson Foundation appeals to me so much. Its activities connect people on grounds of mutual respect and it does not only stimulate learning from each other’s differences, but also emphasises that there are so many similarities between cultures too!”

Henk is a member of the famous old school dance crew ‘The Rocking Chairs’ and has made quite a big name for himself in the dance scene. We are very proud and happy that Henk came to join our team and is now our newest ambassador of the Jimmy Nelson Foundation!

(Dutch) Een introductie over onze nieuwe ambassadeur, Henk Bakboord 

In 1983 introduceerde Henk Bakboord breakdance en Electric Boogie voor het eerst in de Amsterdamse clubscene. Al gauw werd deze dansrage door de media opgepikt en maakte Henk enige tijd furore met de formatie ‘Alex and the City Crew’, bekend in binnen en buitenland.

Daarnaast startte Henk in 2002 zijn eigen dansschool, waar hij jeugd in Amsterdam Westerpark met behulp van Breakdance, Electric Boogie technieken en danstraining methoden een positieve houding bijbracht. Tegenwoordig kennen de meesten Henk ook van de old school dance crew ‘The Rocking Chairs’ (een groep dansers waarvan alle leden al sinds de jaren ’80 bekende namen in de danswereld zijn). We zijn erg trots dat Henk bij ons team is aangeschoven en nu de Jimmy Nelson Foundation als ambassadeur vertegenwoordigt!