Columbus Travel Awards 2020

Columbus Travel Awards 2020

More than a thousand Columbus fans submitted their nominations for the Columbus Travel Awards, the Oscars of the travel world. Which travel organization and destination made a special impression last year? Which travel hero and influencer deserve to be honoured? And which travel photos?

Jimmy Nelson was one of the jury members. We announced the winners during a festive ceremony on 18 February at the Sir Adam Hotel in Amsterdam. Over a hundred passionate invited guests from all over the world – from travel organizations and amateur photographers to start-ups and travel bloggers. Check here all the winners.

TRAVEL PHOTO OF THE YEAR (CULTURE CATEGORY): Coffee ceremony, Ethiopia by Albert van de Meerakker

This intriguing photo provides a unique insight into an essential piece of Ethiopian culture. The special incidence of light gives a lot of depth to the image. The light was played well, creating multiple layers in the photo.

As a winner of the Culture Travel Photo of the Year, you become a next-level travel reporter. You not only chart a different way of life, but you also leave something behind: you personally contribute to research, how the culture can be maintained.
Photos: Marije van de Vlekkert / Columbus Travel.