Did you know?

Did you know?

Your purchase of the books “Homage to Humanity” and “Before they Pass Away” will fuel the foundation. This fuels the Jimmy Nelson Foundation and empowers the communities to take their heritage into the future.

Did you know: Before They Pass Away will be re-launched and also be scannable!

For his first book Before They Pass Away (2013), Jimmy travelled across the world for over thirty years to meet people from thirty-five Indigenous cultures. In 2020, Jimmy re-launched Before They Pass Away (2013), with new unpublished images and new insightful texts. With advances in new technology, the book has transformed into a digital travel experience. Now every picture in Before They Pass Away is scannable with the free Jimmy Nelson App, revealing unique video content behind every picture. This personal artistic documentation is a way of re-igniting the fire and pride within and for Indigenous people and empowering future generations all over the world to illuminate their cultural heritage.

‘When you look at people- whether they are the Huli from Papua New Guinea, the Mursi from Ethiopia or even oneself- look beyond and do not judge. Often the truth is far different from what the eye beholds.’ – Jimmy Nelson