Education project: We are looking for funds!

Education project: We are looking for funds!

At the JNF we believe that education is a powerful tool. In a time where we need to work together to ensure the future of our planet, education about indigenous culture is crucial, yet scarce. The youth is our future and we need to work on acceptance and respect, a subject that even now is not yet taught in schools. Our aim is to include culture lessons within the curriculum of schools around the world. We believe global mutual respect starts in school.


A few weeks ago we invited children to watch our 360 content, we and they had an amazing time it was truly special to experience how children respond. This sparked us to see whether we could design an education project in 360. Together with Wismon and TeachVR, we have been working on designing the first 360 class, to be used in the Dutch curriculum. TeachVR is an online platform where you can easily find and use VR lessons. Thanks to the smartphone app teachers can easily present the VR lesson synchronized to the entire class. For example, students can immediately view 360 ° and independently go on a journey of discovery with the help of useful information points. We realise in order to give as many teachers and students access to our program, we will also need to create all lessons in 2D and we even have a plan for beautiful textbooks.

The first class we have been able to design is about the Kazakh, the proud eagle hunters in Mongolia. Together with the guides and local communities, we want to make sure the most important and interesting of the community is shared within the class. In the upcoming weeks, we will start testing these lessons in classes with children between 12 and 15. Interested in having a test lesson at your school? Let us know –

To archive our goals, we want to create a full class program consisting of twelve classes (see info below). In order to completely fulfil this wish, we will need extra external funding next to the funding we get from Jimmy Nelson Pictures of the sales of the products. You can of course donate, but we are also looking for companies and (private) funds, who can help us!



In the first introduction class, the students will become familiar with the Jimmy Nelson Foundation its goals and objectives. The question of why we need cultural conservation will play a central role in this lesson.


Each lesson portrays one unique indigenous culture. Next, to the 360 glasses, the students will receive a working sheet and an illustrated map of the location. In a full class, students will learn about the people, location, traditions and daily life in an innovative and engaging way of teaching which allows the student to dive into unknown cultures and territories.


In the last class, students will consolidate on the 10 culture classes. This class will also teach the students how to become actively engaged in a culture cause.