FAQ – Jimmy’s Jukebox

Frequently Asked Questions – Jimmy’s Jukebox


  1. Can I send in more than one song?


Yes you may send in as much work as you like.


  1. Do I have to be a recognised artist to apply?


You do not have to be a recognised artist or musician to apply.


  1. Am I allowed to send in work under my own name, if I have also participated with another music group?


Yes, you may participate under your own name, as well as with other people in a collaboration under a collective name. There are not limitations for the creations you are able to share with us.


  1. Can the songs be of any length?


No, the songs can be as long (or short) in length as you prefer.


  1. Do the songs require vocals/singing?


Absolutely not! We do not see words as essential in bringing a message across, so feel free in creating your own work as you like best.


  1. Will I retain the rights over my work?


When submitting your song for Jimmy’s Jukebox, you will automatically allow the Jimmy Nelson Foundation to use the material indefinitely. However, you will retain the commercial rights over your work where they don’t interfere with the above conditions.


  1. Can I partake with work I already sold the rights of?


Unless you can supply us with a written statement of ownership of the rights, we urge you not to send in work you don’t own the rights of.


  1. Can I get feedback on my work before the deadline?


Your work will be accepted or declined within four weeks after the deadline. Feedback or changes will not be given beforehand.


  1. If I missed the deadline, or my application was incomplete, will I still be considered for the grant?


The JNF retains the right to exclude incomplete applications or applications that have been sent after the passing of the deadline.


  1. How many winners will there be selected in the competition?


By the end of March 2017 the Jimmy Nelson Foundation will select one winner to become “Jimmy’s Jingle”. This entails that this work will become the musical theme for the Jimmy Nelson Foundation and its visuals. The creator of this theme will be generously attributed for it and will be given a platform online and on our social media. The other works sent in will be added to Jimmy’s Jukebox and shared online as part of the celebration of our culturally diverse world.