New milestone for The Q’eros

New milestone for The Q’eros

The Q’eros are celebrating more than Carnaval these days. They have reached a major milestone on the journey to preserve their culture. The community took ownership of the land on which they will build their Centre for Ancestral Culture. In 2019, we chose a special location for the Centre which overlooks the entire village of Qochamoqo and all the sacred mountain peaks.

Legally, all of the land in Q’eros belongs to the Q’eros community. But in reality, each family owns a piece of land with approximate boundaries where they build homes, farm potatoes and raise their animals. The beautiful site where the museum and ceremonial terrace will be built belonged to Faustino Machacca Apaza and his adult children. They have deeded the land back to the community for the sole purpose of building the Cultural Centre there.

Faustino and Qochamoqo village president Lorenzo Flores Machacca, along with many other officials and community members, have signed a binding document confirming this transfer.

As soon as the rainy season is over in April, construction can begin!

<<foto credits to our friends in Q’eros>>