International Artist Kobra: Our New Ambassador

International Artist Kobra: Our New Ambassador

We are proud to introduce you to our newest Foundation ambassador, Brazilian street artists Eduardo Kobra!


Eduardo Kobra (born in Sao Paulo, Brazil) has committed himself to the Jimmy Nelson Foundation as an international ambassador. We are proud of him as a member to our organisation – not to mention impressed by his stunning art works in cities all around the globe!

Eduardo Kobra has become one of the most well-known and upcoming street artist in the world, creating huge murals in urban areas around the world, that are sometimes over fifteen metres high. He has become famous for his style, which is massive, impressive, realistic, colourful and celebrative in character. One of his series of human portraits, which he created for the Olympics in Brazil, are called “Las Ethias” (Ethics) to be seen in Porto Rio. The idea of these murals is that we – as the word’s ethnicities – are all one and Kobra is keen to show us, that all humans are connected and united.

When I decided to create in Brazil, a project about the preservation of the Indigenous culture, Jimmy Nelson’s photos inspired – and keep inspiring – me to carry on. That’s why it’s a huge privilege for me to be chosen as an ambassador of the Jimmy Nelson Foundation. My goal will be to raise knowledge about the fantastic tribes that we still have on our planet. As an ambassador of the Jimmy Nelson Foundation, I plan to paint more and even bigger murals, in big cities all around the world, to bring together the modern life and all the beauty of Indigenous communities’ tradition.” – Eduardo Kobra.


I believe Jimmy Nelson’s and his Foundation’s work is first and foremost a documentation, not only for this generation, but also for the ones to come. His powerful and historic pictures of the Indigenous communities are absolutely inspiring.” – Eduardo Kobra

It’s not the first time that the Jimmy Nelson Foundation has worked with the power of street art murals and artists, to celebrate indigenous communities. Last year, in 2017, the Foundation funded two projects in Colombia and in Mexico, called As They Pass By – Walls of Connection. Together with our partner Master Peace and other (local) indigenous artists, our projects transformed urban spaces into interactive pedestals for indigenous heritage and cultural expression. See here a few pictures of the project’s process and a time-lapse video of our latest mural in Mexico.


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