Let’s meet the Peru Team

Let’s meet the Peru Team

In just three weeks (June 19) we will have our third project of the ‘Circle of Cultural Connection’. This time, the JNF will be going a bit further to visit the colorful city of Cusco in Peru. At the JNF we believe that festivals are a great moment to document cultural heritage because it brings out the costumes, traditions and most importantly the pride of the community. That is why we are thrilled that our new team is going to document the Inti Raymi festival, also known as the festival of the sun. The festival was created by the Inca emperor (pachacutec) as a tribute to venerate the Sun God (Inti), and it was the biggest festival of the year for the Incas. Today the tradition is reincarnated every year by locals on a big theatrical festival.

Meet the team:

Our Peru team of selected volunteers will travel to Cusco to help document the cultural tradition and Inca heritage of the Inti Raymi. As it is for all the JNF projects, we aim to have a complete story of the communities we visit. For this, we support our visual documentation (photos and videos) with interviews from the locals that can provide us a deeper insight and understanding of their tradition(s) and lifestyle. We simply cannot wait to hear what the cusqueños have to tell us about the Inti Raymi, what entails for them, and the importance that such an ancient tradition has for their community.

This project in Peru finalizes the first project year of the JNF and its Circle of Cultural Connection. Per project year, which runs from July until June of the next year, we aspire to create three projects and we could not be happier to see the fruitful and diverse result of our first year.

Stay tuned to get all the news, details and insights of this exciting and vibrant festival!


Interested on knowing more about the team?
Check out their websites:

Marieke: www.worldofmemarie.com
Ram: www.rampaudel.com
Tanin: www.instagram.com/taninkayvan
Kieke: www.travelsoap.nl

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