Missouri Elderly home wins Tibetan photo book

Missouri Elderly home wins Tibetan photo book

This week, the Jimmy Nelson Foundation office received the following beaming message: “I am thrilled and very excited to share the beautiful book with the elderly folks here. I was in Tibet just a few years ago and I was able to show some of the things I brought back along with the book. The residents really enjoyed it.”


Sender of the message is Barb Cook from St. Louis, who won the Tibetan photo book and several other picture presents. The presents made a long journey across the Atlantic Ocean, to arrive at the local elderly home ‘Aberdeen Heights’. For most of Aberdeen Height’s residents, it is not possible to travel anymore. For many of them, having these books and pictures is a way of “armchair travelling”.








‘Here are three photos of some of the residents enjoying the book. The stunning photos speak for themselves. Thank you again!!!’ – Barb Cook


The Jimmy Nelson Foundation not only values sharing knowledge across cultures, but also across generations. We hope Aberdeen Height residents enjoy the pictures and stories and thank Barb for the initiative. Keep up the good work!


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