Opening ‘The Last Sentinels’ in Atelier des Lumières, Paris.

Opening ‘The Last Sentinels’ in Atelier des Lumières, Paris.

The Jimmy Nelson Foundation is excited to announce the opening of a new experience at Atelier des Lumières in Paris. This is the first completely immersive show composed of Jimmy’s work for you to completely indulge yourself into the world of over 70 different Indigenous cultures. The Last Sentinels honours the world’s last Indigenous peoples. It tells the story of how these powerful, beautiful and wealthy indigenous cultures live in full harmony with each other, themselves and the natural world. With this show, we want to proclaim the urgency to acknowledge them as the guardians of humanity and our planet. Let them inspire you, let them guide you, and reconnect with the source of what it means to be human. Every ticket and/or book sold fuels our projects supporting the communities to bring their heritage and knowledge healthily into the future!


Website Atelier des Lumières

October 16th – 31st
Every day from 6.30 PM to 10 PM

Atelier des Lumières
38 rue Saint Maur
75 011 Paris
+33 1 80 98 46 00

By metro: (Voltaire, Saint-Ambroise), (Rue Saint-Maur) and (Père Lachaise) lines

Due to COVID-19 Atelier des Lumières has taken special measurements concerning the number of visitors which enables you to be in safe distance of one another.

Tickets will be available soon!