FAQ – Celebrate Culture

Frequently Asked Questions – Celebrate Culture


  1. Do I have to be a recognised artist or craftsman to apply?


You do not have to be a recognised artist or craftsman to apply, yet we do advise you to show proof of experience and craftsmanship in the field you intend to work in during the project.


  1. Who qualify to apply?


We encourage artists, creatives and craftsmen in the widest sense of the words to apply. This includes, but isn’t confined to people working in: performing arts, (audio) visual arts, design, cuisine, architecture, crafts, literature.


  1. Can the JNF give me advice about my application?


Due to the limited capacity of the foundation, we are not able to discuss the details of your projects before application.


  1. When will I know if my application is granted?


Upon the application deadline, the applicant will be notified of the next steps and time span of the selection process. Successful applications will be notified before the end of January 2017.


  1. Am I allowed to send in more than one project?


We do not take in more than two projects per applicant, since we require a strong level of expertise, quality and purpose of each individual project. A maximum of one project per applicant will be selected.


  1. Is there a maximum number of people involved in one application?


There is no maximum number of people involved in the project.


  1. How many projects will be selected for the grant?


Depending on the number and quality of the received applications, the JNF will select between three and twelve projects.


  1. Is there a maximum amount I can request for my project?


There is no maximum amount. However, the foundation will base its selection on the most efficient and effective distribution of their available funds.


  1. If I missed the deadline, or my application was incomplete, will I still be considered for the grant?


The JNF retains the right to exclude incomplete applications or applications that have been sent after the passing of the deadline.


  1. Does the project have to include cultures visited/photographed by Jimmy Nelson?


The projects don’t have to include cultures visited/photographed by Jimmy Nelson, as long as the project resonates the spirit and concerns of Jimmy Nelson’s photographic work.