Project: “The Last Cowboys of Europe”

Project: “The Last Cowboys of Europe”

Our Pilot project of this summer is about to kick of the 5th of July, in no where else than in….Hungary!


Our first 2018 team, of talented photographers, filmers and visual story tellers is going to Hungary for the Hortobágyi Lovasnapok festival, this July, to create the first of many ‘Circle of Connection’ projects. Every year, a three-day event takes place in the Hortobagy National Park, a part of the Great Plains in Eastern Hungary (the largest protected National Park of the nation and a UNESCO cultural world heritage site since 1999). Ever since 1671, horsemen and shepherds have been coming together for this event. Today, the festival is still celebrated and symbolises the ancient lifestyle of the horsemen that is still present in this area (though in small numbers). As the horsemen show off their traditions and impressive horse-riding skills, the festival is a colourful celebration of theHungarian cultural heritage and – perhaps –  an homage to “the last cowboys of Europe”

What’s going to happen.

Our Hungary-team of selected volunteers will travel to the festivities, together with local expert and photographer Zsolt Repasy, to help document the cultural festival in Hortobágyi and to capture the pride within the horsemen community. At the same time, they will also enable the horsemen themselves to partake and take photos: telling their own story. The project envisions to involve young adults from the community in the project and to empower them to co-create their own creative project. After the festival’s visit, the Foundation’s team will bring back the material in pictures and film and share the visual stories of “the last cowboys of Europe” on our digital platforms, for you to see (all partaking photographers are accredited for their work). We can’t wait to show you the results!

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