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Let's start the journey


We have already selected the applicants for the project year 2018/2019. When you apply now it would be for the next project year 2019/2020. The application for the project year 2019/2020 will close on the 31st of March 2019.


Each project takes around one to two weeks. The locations will range from Africa, to Asia, to Europe, to America and the Pacific.


Since the projects are competitive, we advise you to carefully read through the requirements before applying.


1: Suitable applicants:


speak English
have knowledge of camera usage, film and preferably 360 camera skills
have experience with traveling or being abroad
are internationally orientated and open-minded
who are culturally aware or have antropologic interests are appreciated
who have editing skills are appreciated


2: Fee for all applicants:


Applicants are considered for selection, once they have become a Friend of the Foundation and pay the Friend fee (€50/1 year or € 100/3 year). Without payment your application will not be reviewed for selection.


3: The documents you have to send in are:


Your resume (with a statement of how many languages you speak)
Your portfolio (a PDF file with links to vimeo or youtube if applicable)
Your  motivation (no longer than one page)
Copy of your passport

    [honeypot jimmy]

    Upload your Portfolio here:

    Upload your Resume here:

    Upload your Motivation here:

    Upload your Passport copy here:

    I hereby declare that the work I have sent in is of my own making and that I own the musical rights over this work. I hereby also give permission to the Jimmy Nelson Foundation to use this work in their communications.

    A note to us, feel free to tell us details such as: Do you have any health problems we should know about? Is there a festival the Foundation should look in to?


    *Please note that all applicants after applying will be added to an online competition-based database, from which the most suitable applicants will be selected for the projects. FAQ and Expectations