The Csikós: The Last Wranglers of the Great Hungarian Plain

The Csikós: The Last Wranglers of the Great Hungarian Plain

Last July (2018) we had our first project for the Jimmy Nelson Foundation’s “Circle of Cultural Connection”. This exciting project took place in the Great Hungarian Plain during the days of the festival Hortobágyi Lovasnapok. Three volunteers together with the JNF project Manager, Kieke van Maarschalkerwaart, stayed for a week at Hajdúszoboszló (a village near the Hortobágy National Park) to document the last wranglers of Europe: the Csikós.

The volunteers were selected among other applicants based on their portfolios, motivation letters and experiences. Two of them (Pam Hesselmans and Jeroen Cox) were Dutch, while the third volunteer (Zsolt Repasy) was Hungarian. To get to know them better and see their work, check the team and gallery under the project page here in the JNF website.

‘The Csikós: The Last Wranglers of the Great Hungarian Plain’ project holds a special meaning because it was the pilot project for the Circle of Cultural Connection (CCC). For the JNF, the circle is a symbol for culture itself. The circle is a continuation, it signifies remembrance, tradition and heritage –the part of us that is eternal. With the help of volunteers from all over the world, all CCC projects aim to document cultural heritage and diversity, in order to create a unique digital platform that promotes cultural pride and bring people together to form a basis of mutual respect and understanding.


A journal, photo gallery, interviews, behind the scenes, and much more from this exciting project can now be found in our (new) website under “projects”. Take some minutes to learn in a fun way about the last wranglers in Europe and get inspired by their story!

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