The Hadzabe: The Last Hunter Gatherers of Tanzania

The Hadzabe: The Last Hunter Gatherers of Tanzania

We are proud to introduce you to our latest project The Hadzabe: The Last Hunter Gatherers of Tanzania. This time our new team of talented volunteers traveled to where the dirt track runs out, somewhere along the shores of Lake Eyasi, in the shadow of the Ngorongoro Crater – Tanzania.

Here at the edge of civilisation in East Africa, the Hadzabe eke out a meagre existence as hunter gatherers. While the encroachment of a modernising continent and the ever increasing closure of wildlife corridors have no doubt had an effect, their lifestyle closely reflects how humanity has existed for 90% of its history. Surviving in the Great Rift Valley, they are the last flashback to what society may have looked like in the cradle of life.

This was our second project for the Circle of Cultural Connection (CCC) and we are excited to show you – additionally to all the photos and videos – all the information the team has gathered about the Hadzabe.

As it is for all the JNF projects, the teams are made up of photographers, videographers and visual storytellers who share our mission of empowering cultural expression. Ed O’Mahoney from the UK, Estrella Brand from the Netherlands, and Mike Holtby from the USA, with the help of our Project Manager Kieke Maarschalkerwaart made the beautiful content that you can now find under the Hadzabe project page.


What makes this project even more special, is that the Hadzabe also had the chance to document themselves. Since the creation of the CCC projects, we have envisioned to include the perspective of the communities we document and share this with the world. Today we are proud to present these first images! A special contribution was also made by James, who was the Tanzanian guide of the team; you can find his and the Hadzabe photos in the project gallery.

Get comfortable and explore the Hadzabe page. You can read the day-to-day journey of the volunteers in the project journal, learn about the Hadzabe with the videos and in-depth information in the story of the Hadzabe, go through the wonderful gallery of photos made by the different participants, get to know the team members, and much more.

We hope you enjoy the project and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see even more content from the Hadzabe!

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