The Mural in Mexico is Finished

The Mural in Mexico is Finished

‘As They Pass By – Walls of Connection’

Indigenous Mural in Mexico finsished!

The Jimmy Nelson Foundation financed yet another round of As They Pass By – Walls of Connection, this time in Mexico! After the mural in Bogota (Colombia), Mexico was next on the list. In the cultural heart of Querétaro, in the Centro Educativo y Cultural del Estado de Querétaro another mural was painted by the help of various indigenous artists beginning of November. 

Leading artist of the project was Victor Lópezworking together with members of the La Madriguera Gráfica collective. Most of the artists have Zapoteca roots, one of the 56 ethnic groups in Mexico.An important cultural feature of the mural was the calavera (skull), playing a symbolic role in the celebration of the Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos).

Timelapse creation mural in Mexico / As They Pass By Walls of …

Check out how we created our mural in Mexico in five days!#TakeOver by MasterPeace América Latina #AsTheyPassByWallsOfConnection #CulturalDiversity

Geplaatst door Jimmy Nelson Foundation op donderdag 23 november 2017




About MasterPeace 

MasterPeace is an award-winning grassroots peace movement that officially launched in 2011, with hubs  in Cairo, Utrecht, Tbilisi, and Mexico City and is currently active through MasterPeace Clubs in 45+ countries, primarily in conflict areas, involving thousands of young peace builders. MasterPeace’s vision is to inspire everyone to use their talent and energy for building peace and togetherness, using music, art, creativity, positivity and inspiration.


In the video you can see and hear the artist Victor Lopez, who we will be creating the mural in Querétaro, Mexico: “Art is my language and surpasses all frontiers.” 


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