Winners of Jimmy’s Jukebox music competition

Winners of Jimmy’s Jukebox music competition

The Jimmy Nelson Foundation is excited to share the winners of the music competition ‘Jimmy’s Jukebox’!

With the new year, the Jimmy Nelson Foundation also launched a new call. This time for musicians in particular, the competition ‘Jimmy’s Jukebox’ was created to find the new Foundation’s theme song. In the search for ‘Jimmy’s Jingle’, the Jimmy Nelson Foundation invited musicians and songwriters from all over the world, to send in their work and share their cultural experiences through the art of music. The Foundation challenged talented artists to come up with a composition of their own making and to use traditional music instruments in their works.

We were delighted to see the creative and diverse turn-up for the music competition and we want to thank all participants for their enthusiasm. Here, we have nominated both a First Place and a honourable mention, to be added to Jimmy’s Jukebox.

So sit back, listen and enjoy! #JoinJimmy


1st Place: Techung with Auspicious Moon – Tashi Pai Dawa

With great honor, we congratulate the famous Tibetan-American musician, singer and songwriter Techung with his first place in the music competition!

His contemporary song ‘Auspicious Moon – Tashi Pai Dawa’ was created in collaboration with Kitt Walker, the arranger of the song and co-creator of the Album Sky Treasure.  Auspicious Moon was created in the Eastern Tibetan Kham style and talks about honouring the moon, offering prayers to the spiritual teachers of Tibet and about recognising the importance of indigenous people around the world.

Biography: Techung is a Tibetan folk and freedom singer, who has performed internationally, alongside Philip Glass, Iggy Pop, Patty Smith and several others. He has performed in all the Tibetan Freedom Concert series, alongside the Beastie Boys, U2 and REM. In recent years, he has also had the honour of opening for the Dalai Lama’s public talks on numerous occasions.

Eastern Tibet is known for its Khampa warriors and mountainous landscapes that have influenced its culture. This characteristic part of Techung’s Tibetan heritage is reflected in his fearless and free style of singing as well. The instrumentation in this song is a combination of both traditional Tibetan flute, traditional Inuit throat singing, as well as percussions and keyboards.

“Above the crest of the white mountain

The auspicious white moon has appeared.

This is the Dharma King of the Land of Snow,

The spiritual master of all the earth.

May the auspicious moon be victorious”

(English translation of lyrics)

Interested? Check out Techung’s personal website for more of his music!


Honourable mention: Evrin with Kamboja Flower

An honorable mention goes to Jimmy’s Jukebox second place in the competition, the Balinese orientated band Evrin from the Netherlands and their song ‘Kamboja Flower’. In their tribute to Bali, its culture and its people, Evrin sings about the Kamboja flower (also known as “The Frangipani” or “Jepun” in Balinese).

“To us, its beauty and its scent represent the generosity, the kindness and the open mindedness of the Balinese people’ the vocalist Evi Terschegget writes. Together with Riny Raijmakers, who plays the guitar and writes the lyrics, Evi sings about friendship, love and about feeling at home in their jazzy English song ‘Kamboja Flower’.

Biography: Evrin is a duo from the Netherlands with as its vocal Eve Terschegget and Riny Raijmakers as a vocal and guitarist. Eve and Riny met each other in 2012 and soon they developed an organic blend of Eve’s jazzy and bluesy voice – inspired by among others Billie Holiday. Evrin traveled through The Netherlands and Indonesia in 2016 and 2017, for several music tours and festivals.

Find more of Evrin’s music on their website!