Volunteer as a photographer

Volunteer as a photographer

Volunteer for one of our photography projects!

As of this summer, the Jimmy Nelson Foundation will be creating photography projects around the world, that take place at the moment cultures are at their most celebrative: traditional cultural festivals. What is so unique about this new initiative, is that during the projects the indigenous peoples themselves are the ones to hold the camera! What is even more interesting, is that YOU, as a talented young photographer, can now also apply to join the teams! Here, you would be taking photos of the journey, meet new people, see new places, work with 360-cameras and assist with the equipment. So it promises to be an exciting collaboration between worlds…

From central Africa, to the islands in the Pacific – the new project called ‘Circle of Cultural Connection’ consists of small projects around the globe in the shape of several (not yet determined) cultural festivals. The projects start from June onwards and last until autumn. After the one to two week lasting projects, we will create an online platform on which all this cultural wealth is shared with the rest of the world.

Are you passionate about photography, traveling and indigenous cultures? Are you intrigued by documenting the pride that lies in our global cultural heritage and to work together on a basis of mutual respect and connection with people from other cultures? Join us on this journey and volunteer for the projects or become a Friend or sponsor of the Foundation!