We are looking for you!

We are looking for you!

Have you ever felt the urge to join Jimmy Nelson? Are you passionate about indigenous cultures, photography/videography, travel, and adventure? Then, we are looking for you!

The Jimmy Nelson Foundation has opened its new round of applications for the project-year of 2019-2020. For every project year the JNF creates three projects where teams document colorful and rich cultural celebrations, festivals or gatherings from all around the world.

The teams are made of talented, curious and creative individuals that apply through the JNF website to become a project volunteer. These teams will master the art of film, photography and storytelling, and will share it with the world on the JNF unique digital platform.

In order to create a cohesive story, the team members will work closely with the community they will be visiting and in this way the perspective of the community is also included and documented. Overall, it is a collaboration between cultures to empower and preserve cultural diversity and heritage.

Each project takes around one to two weeks. The locations will range from Africa, to Asia, to Europe, to America and the Pacific. Be aware of the fact that before becoming part of a Project Team, you go through a selection process. Therefore, we strongly advise you to carefully read through the requirements before applying.

Here you can read the experiences of the volunteers from our first project:

Jeroen (videographer): “For years I have been dreaming about traveling the world and documenting the beauty the world has to offer in each individual’s and collective’s cultural richness. So as soon as I saw that there was a possibility to join one of the projects of the Jimmy Nelson Foundation my heart skipped a beat. I quickly applied with a portfolio and motivation. A skype meeting and a phone call later the word was out! I was invited to join the team going to Hungary to document the lifestyle and cultural heritage of the Csikós: the last wranglers of the Hungarian great plain.”

Pam (photographer): “… During the more than thirty years that I now work and travel for the same largest Dutch airline as my father ever, I have become fascinated and inspired by the rich diversity of cultures, religions and customs that give people worldwide a sense of being and belonging… For some time now during my travels I have noticed an increase in globalisation worldwide. Many cities become more and more similar as if they are sprinkled with commerce, exploitation and pollution under the veil of so-called innovation and progress. It is questionable whether we should be content with that .. the world is changing so rapidly now, consequently cultures and traditions are on the brink of being lost.”

Zsolt (photographer): “As a photographer and storyteller I’ve been passionate about cultural heritage of communities that not just preserve their values and traditions but are living their traditions. It’s easy to find such tribes around the world, but I believe that everyone should be first aware of his/her own culture and make sure to support it, document it, make sure to do everything necessary to contribute to the upkeep of the culture (s)he is living in. After a few years documenting cultures around the world, this revelation was the reason why I left those projects behind (or rather changed priorities) and started to document the cultural heritage and traditions in Hungary, where I was born. The work of Jimmy Nelson has been a great inspiration to me and I thought it would be a perfect symbiosis to combine the goals of the Jimmy Nelson Foundation (JNF) and my vision, plans and values I hold dearly.”

To know more about how to apply to become a JNF volunteer, visit our participate page. Feel free to also check our project page to learn more about our work.